Munday Body Care is all about self-care. We make bath and spa products designed to nurture and revitalize the body, mind and spirit, with a focus on unique and traditional ingredients. Our goal is to act as a daily reminder to create a small window to prioritize ourselves. As our business grows, our vision is to lead a sustainable business and to give back to our community, through creating employment for young adults with special needs.

Our story began in 1997, when our second child was born. Ethan suffered from allergies right from infancy, and I began channeling my scientific and creative passions into finding natural ways to soothe and heal his symptoms.

My passion for combining creative arts with scientific research has propelled me through life—as an architect, an entrepreneur, and as a mother. I have always been fascinated by the gifts of nature and I have spent many years researching into their benefits. When Ethan was born, I became even more vigilant about making sure we made healthy and safe choices in food, skincare and household items.

My career in architecture has taken my family to Southeast Asia and Australia, and we have traveled extensively to Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. On every journey, we have been inspired by local traditions passed down through generations—and I have learned of so many wonderful ways the earth can nourish and protect us.

I observed the way the Balinese use boreh—a paste of ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and other herbs and spices—as a reviving facial mask and scrub. I saw the many ways Cambodians weave the nourishing leaves and oils of the moringa tree into their daily diet and skincare. In Indonesia, patchouli and ylang ylang are more than intoxicating perfumes, they are ‘jamu’ (herbal remedies). The Burmese apply a ground paste of Thanakha bark on their faces daily to promote flawless skin, and in the Australian Aboriginal culture, emu oil has been a great healer from the distant past to modern daily living. 

And across all of these rich and complex cultures, I discovered that spending time on self-care practices plays a central role in everyday community life—revitalizes the senses and recalibrates life’s balance.  The wisdom that we must take care of ourselves before we can take care of others is truly as old as time. 

In every country, I have asked questions of knowledgeable elders, and learned, gathered and incorporated these incredible ingredients into our home—all to keep my family happy and healthy on our travels through life. Back home in Toronto, my family and I wanted a way to share these traditions—and the learning from our travels—with those we love. We also wanted to remind the caregivers of this world of the restorative powers of self-care.

Through Munday Body Care, we share the antioxidant benefits of Indonesian coffee; the antibacterial benefits of Australian tea-tree and cajeput; the anti-inflammatory benefits of Thai lemongrass through our handmade bath and spa products. Learn more about the ingredients we use.

Made by hand. Made for mindfulness. Made for you.

~ Mun