Coffee Self-Care Box

  • Coffee Premium Self-Care Box
  • Coffee Premium Self-Care Box
  • Coffee Premium Self-Care Box
  • Coffee Premium Self-Care Box

Coffee Self-Care Box

Handmade Soap:
Lip Balm:

Get your hit of rich, roasty aromas in the shower and give your skin that full-bodied glow. Our Coffee Self-Care Box includes: 

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Wake up, the coffee's ready!

Boost your energy with a restorative jolt of coffee any time of the day. Our Coffee Self-Care Box includes:

1 x Handmade Coffee Soap
4.4 oz/125 g
Our handmade, hand-carved soaps swirl cleansing, nourishing ingredients and dreamy aromas through every creamy, colourful layer.

2 x Coffee Shower Melts
1.7 oz/48 g
Pop in a shower melt and suddenly, your quick shower has all the steamy, scented luxury of a lovely long bath. Scented with coffee and cedarwood.

1 x Exfoliating Coffee Sugar Scrub
4.2 oz/120 g
Let nature’s best exfoliants and most nourishing ingredients reveal your softest, smoothest skin.

1 x Luscious & Replenishing Coffee Body Butter
4.2 oz/120 g
Magical moisturizers that melt into your skin to give you an all-over glimmer and glow.

1 x Lively Lips Exfoliating Coffee Sugar Scrub
1 oz/28 g
Gently smoothes and polishes while adding the shimmer, shine, and savour-it-flavours only premium, fresh-roasted coffee oils can provide.

1 x Love Your Lips Creamy Moringa Balm
0.15 oz /4.2 g
Smooth on our all-natural lip balm for lick-your-lips moisture, skin-strengthening vitamins and minerals, and anti-aging properties essential Moringa oils are known to provide. Comes in 4 different flavours.


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