Coffee & Goat Milk Natural Artisan Soap

  • Coffee & Goat Milk Natural Artisan Soap
  • Coffee & Goat Milk Natural Artisan Soap
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Coffee & Goat Milk Natural Artisan Soap


Need a quick wake up? Just add hot water.

Each handmade, hand-carved bar of our creamy, caffeinated Coffee Goat Milk Soap suds into a cleansing froth of aromatic milky bubbles. Polyphenols in coffee synergize with moisture-boosting fat molecules in goat’s milk to rejuvenate your skin and stimulate your senses.

Organic coconut and avocado oils, both amazingly rich in vitamin E, calm and heal irritated skin and boost skin rejuvenation due to the rich anti-oxidant properties.

Our Coffee Goat Milk Soap is all about the latte vibes.

SIZE 4.4 oz/ 125 g

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Brew up your best bath

Munday artisans hot-infuse organic, shade-grown, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance-certified Arabica beans from the hillside terrains of Bali in pure, rich olive and avocado oils to extract the essential goodness of coffee. The scent of premium roasted coffee—scientifically proven to perk you up—is just the start. Our custom caffeine blend is designed to awaken tired skin, completely naturally.

Munday’s Coffee, Goat Milk Soap improves mental focus and provides a healthy flush from increased blood circulation. Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial chlorogenic acids help with tighter, clearer skin. You can fight acne, smooth cellulite, and even out your skin tone right in the shower!

Get your glow to go!

SIZE  4.4 oz/ 125 g



Wet bar and lather directly on your body or lather on a mesh puff or wash cloth.

SPOTLIGHT: Goat Milk Soap & Coffee

We infuse our premium roasted balinese coffee beans in oils to extract all the skin beneficial goodness from the beans, combine it with emolient butters and goat’s milk to create a soap that is gentle and nourishing and smells amazing! Munday Coffee Goat Milk Soap contains goat's milk full of alpha-hydroxy acids that are rich in Vitamin A and selenium which supports healthy skin and has exfoliating properties to achieve a healthy and more youthful complexion. 

Grown across Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand for many years, coffee can be found not just in cups but in skin and body treatments across these rich and ancient cultures. Caffeine extracts are known to stimulate circulation and fight inflammation, waking up tired skin and infusing it with a natural, vibrant glow.
Goat’s milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids that has exfoliating properties to reveal smoother and younger looking skin. It’s rich in Vitamin A and selenium, which supports skin health.

All Ingredients: Organic Coconut oil, Olive oil, Rice Bran oil, Organic Shea Butter, Avocado oil, Goat’s milk, Castor oil, Goat milk, Roasted Arabica Coffee seed oil, a touch of coffee fragrance (phthalate free), Cocoa powder, mineral pigment.